With Devi Worx, the choice is yours! We hear you, you acknowledge and focus on your concerns, your goals, and your loved ones to ensure your life plan is compromised of the promises you envision today and tomorrow. 

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We are confident that our prices are affordable because we build the prices around your comfortability and what you can afford. Our products are customizable down to the dollar!

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We strive to improve wealth and increase earnings!



You can rely on our discretion while we leave decisions up to you!



Trustworthy and reliable.

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Simultaneously increase your earnings while improving your health. 

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Provide the understanding and the assistance before the product.

How We Do It! ( The Devi Worx Team!)

We are the lifestyle brand of wealth, health, and so much more!


(The financial consultant)


New York Life Insurance Company offers products that instill lifelong protection and cash value overtime. For 175 years and counting, New York Life has continuously proven and prided itself as the financial consultant we all need by investing, growing and progressing personal finances; while maintaining every truth necessary to be the mutual company promised to our customers. 


(The Life Coach)


"It Works!", was started in 2001 and offers products to help us slim, trim, and grip our lives a little better. "It Works!" is a weight control and weight loss company that actually works! We offer nutritional supplements, beauty products, cleanses, and more; that assist us with managing patterns we may have focused less on through time. When paired with the products New York Life offers, health and wealth never became so easy to simultaneously achieve! 



(The added/customer support)


Green Company LLC, is your added support when you feel depleted mentally, physically, and emotionally. Green Company LLC, offers many different products for you, your loved ones, and even our beloved furry friends and family members! Green Company LLC, delivers benefits to our entire mind and body naturally through chemical, herbicide, and furthermore; toxin-free hemp. Thankfully, CBD, which is derived from hemp, was made legal in 2018. Thus, Green Company, LLC has been making history since. Along with health benefits, hemp is a plant that has over 50,000 usages! Our CBD oils are the start of the balance and homeostasis or lives need.



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